Pediatrician Questions Hair Loss

My daughter is just 7 years old and is suffering from severe hairfall. What should I do?

My daughter is 7 years old and has been suffering from a lot of hair loss. I am not sure if its nutritional deficiency or any other reason. What do you think it could be? And how can we help her?

3 Answers

There are two common reasons for this. If she is anxious she may be pulling it out. The other reason is called telogen effluvium which is an immune response against her hair follicles. There are treatments for both of these and you should see your doctor for the appropriate diagnosis and care plan.
It is rare to see children at the age of 7 to have severe hair loss. She has to be immediately seen by a Pediatrician and a Dermatologist for evaluation and treatment.
Sometimes, a large amount of hair loss can occur at one time, but does not persist. If the hair continues to fall out, she may need her thyroid checked. There are vitamin supplements over the counter for hair and nails, and knox gelatin can make the hair stronger. Make sure you are not pulling the hair too tight with a pony tail or braids. Also, if eyelashes or eyebrows are coming out, this could be a sign of alopecia and needs to be checked out.