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My periods are delayed by 45 days and my pregnancy test was negative. What could be the cause of my delayed periods?

I am 28 year old and my periods are delayed by 45 days. I have taken a pregnancy test however the test was negative. What could be the reason for my delayed periods if it isn't pregnancy?

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You're probably not ovulating. Have your doctor do a hormonal test and then they will give you proper medicine.
The most common reasons for investigation would be Stress, Weight changes, Medication and Medical conditions such as thyroid abnormalities. See your doctor for further evaluation
There are many reasons to skip cycles, most commonly due to infrequent ovulation, occasionally due to blockage to the outflow of blood. If you are not pregnant, the following blood tests are commonly performed: FSH, TSH, Prolactin after a detailedhistory and a physical exam.
The most likely cause is that you are not ovulating
P.s. to my previous response:it's OK not to ovulate every month as long as your periods haven't stopped all together; many women have "acyclic amenorrhea" medical term meaning simply irregular periods. it's frustrating for sure > see your Gynecologist for his/her opinion to confirm and set your mind at ease.Dr Di 
Good question! Many different factors affect your hormones, which can affect your cycle frequency. These factor range greatly from changes your age (though at your age this is not likely), to changes in weight, significant increases in your physical activity, or underlying medical conditions (like thyroid dysfunction or PCOS, to name a couple of common causes). I strongly recommend seeing a gynecologist (women's health care specialist) to evaluate your individual situation and health, as in some situations prolonged absense of your menses can lead to the endometrium (the lining of your uterus that sloughs off when you have your period) growing abnormally and in some cases even progressing to cancer.
Good Luck and Best of Health!
~Dr. C
Because the menstrual cycle is dependent on your overall health as well as reproductive issues, there are many conditions that can affect it. Delayed periods are usually a hormonal problem, usually because the ovaries are not ovulating. Not ovulating, again, can be caused by a number of issues and some of the more common ones are being overweight, being underweight, thyroid problems, increased prolactin (a hormone that can be abnormally produced), and stress. Of course, the most common reason for not having a period is pregnancy, but you seem to have ruled that out. I would see your doctor to see if any of the other issues I mentioned may be in play.
Other issues involve genetics and without more information or an examination, I can't really address this.
An ovarian cyst can commonly cause delayed menses, but many other things could be involved.
Irregular cycles can significantly increase your risk for uterine cancer. You should make an appointment with your gynecologist.
A lack of timely ovulation which can be due to various causes. If this persists beyond the next month, have a gynecological evaluation.