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Three cavities at once. Will they all be filled in one session?

I have tooth pain in three separate areas in my mouth, and I feel like they're all cavities. If they are, I know that they'll need to be filled. Will this be done all in one appointment?

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Hello, please consult with a dental professional. Typically, cavities that can be done at once are all on the same side. It varies case by case. Speak with your professional to see if they can accommodate you. Thank you for you question.
This can very easily be done. Time and budget will determine your appointments.
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Not recommended, but physically could be done
You can have it done that way to save time. Depends on your scheduling and your anxiety level.
This depends on the size of the lesions and the location of the lesions. Also, this depends on your tolerance level. In many instances this can be done in one appointment, however, there are several reasons why this may not be done as well. I recommend seeing a dental professional for evaluation and treatment plan fabrication as needed.
Yes, it can be done.
It is not unreasonable to address three fillings in different areas all at once. But there are many factors that will come into play. The only real way to know is to get to your dentist for an evaluation.
This depends on the size of the cavity. If they are very deep, it could involve the pulp of the tooth and could require a root canal. X-rays can show the severity of the cavities as well as your symptoms.
They can be done in one day. But I prefer to do them separately.
Depends on both you and your dentist. When patients want to, I put enough time aside to treat as many cavities as the patient wants me to.
Each area may require you to be numb, so you may not want to numb 3 separate areas of your mouth at the same time, but that is up to you.
It’s up to you. If you can tolerate being numbed up in 3 different areas then we can do all 3 in one visit. I generally recommend doing one area at a time or one side (ie top and bottom on the left /right side) only. The anesthetic typically can last 4-6 hours. With multiple areas being numbed up at the same time, it can be uncomfortable or pose as a greater risk for biting ones tongue, cheek, etc by accident.