Dentist Questions Teething

My son is a year old, and isn't teething. Is this abnormal?

My son is over a year old and still hasn't started teething. I told our pediatrician that this feels really wrong, but he wants us to wait a little while. Is it just me? Or is this really abnormal?

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It is a little late. I would advise seeing a pediatric dentist
Everyone grows at their own pace. Give it time they will come in.
Full set of baby teeth are usually in by the age of 3. It is not abnormal for some children to develop slower eruption cycles. Boys do tend to be a little slower at getting teeth in and losing teeth than girls.
Every child can be different. It's not necessarily a sign of anything being wrong.
It’s a bit delayed as compared to average. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no tooth buds waiting to erupt. Just s but later than expected. However, the possibility exists that no baby and/or permanent teeth exist as a result of an abnormality during pregnancy. A dental radiograph can confirm the presence or absence of teeth for your child. You may want to consider some type of x-ray for peace of mind. Good luck.
Teeth eruption varies greatly from child to child. A simple X-ray can identify the location of the teeth, but I would recommend waiting 3 months before seeing a dentist. The teeth will likely erupt within that time.
Wait till 18 months at the most. But you should have your son checked by a dentist at the latest by his first birthday or first tooth, whichever occurs first.
Primary teeth in children will erupt whenever they darn well please. Some children lose their first primary teeth when four years old, and I've seen others that are 8 or 9 years old when losing their first. As Aaron Rodgers tells us Packer fans, RELAX. Unless there is an unusual genetic factor at play the teeth will erupt but at a later pace than a lot of kids the same age.
I would check with a dentist but your son maybe tongue tied. That affects feeding and a dentist with a laser can help with that
Some people teeth at a later time. Nothing is wrong with your child. Be patient, it will come.
This is quite normal. Give it another 6-8 months before you even start worrying. A quick x-ray will show where the teeth are, but it's tricky to get them to keep still for the xray.
That is abnormal. Normally babies get their first teeth at age 6months. By now he should have 4 on the bottom and 4 on top in the front plus his 1st molars should be starting soon. If nothing changes soon, I'd take him to a pediatric dentist and they may do an x-ray to see what's going on (they will be able to see if there are teeth there that just aren't erupted yet or if he has some missing).
Better to get later when a child is older and better able to clean them. There is no reliable way to predict when teeth will erupt. If they don't start erupting in the next six months, see a dentist.