Naturopathic Physician Questions Ibuprofen

How can you treat a headaches without taking Ibuprofen?

I often pop in Ibuprofen for headaches, but they are recurrent and happen frequently. Is there a way to treat headaches naturally, without taking medications? And, is a natural way more effective?

3 Answers

In my experience most headaches are histamine related. See our histamine guide as this will stop most headaches. Usually its gut related.

Regards, Carolyn


Unfortunately, one has to know the etiology of the headaches. It could need some test to help as a starting block. Some are just sugar and weight, others are heavy metals, toxins from smoking, EMF (electromagnetic frequencies), hormones, etc.
Looking up pressure points to relieve head or using aromatherapy such as peppermint is beneficial to relieve a headache. I recommend taking a little time to identify what may be triggering your headaches and working from there to prevent it, also may visit your local health food store for a herbal blend made for headaches.