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Can two root canals on the same tooth be a problem?

I have had two root canals on the same tooth. Can it lead to some other problems?

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Having a second root canal treatment on any given tooth is typically required if there is a re-infection around that tooth. For this reason, a second root canal is likely to provide a benefit to you in clearing the new infection.

Your tooth is not likely to be any weaker because of the second root canal treatment however, if you haven't yet capped or crowned this tooth, you may want to consider doing so. This will reinforce your tooth and minimize the risk of future fracture.
I can answer your question two different ways.

Did you have a root canal done and then it was root canaled again? Root canal treatment is not a guarantee that it will save your tooth. For some people, root canals don't work. Other people have a root canal and they don't appear to have any problems. If your tooth acts up again, you may have a decision to make.
It is possible that an ectopic canal was found after the first root canal that needed to be obliterated along with the original canal. Sometimes these do not show up on the X-ray, but are symptomatic later on.
Lucky you! Two root canals on a single tooth in itself should not be a problem.
Possible. Many conditions to the tooth can exist. If the 2nd root canal fails- ask about a dental implant. I would not treat a tooth the same way a third time, the same way and expect a different result.
Dentistry is humbling!! There are three golden rules: 1. We might not be able to do what we set out to do. 2. It might not work right out of the gate even though it looks perfect. 3. Nothing we do lasts for ever!!

Retreating root canals are a common procedure. Typically we need to widen the canals out which could lead to weakening the tooth in some cases. Sometimes the retreatment does not work and either an apicoectomy might be suggested or and an extraction. Please note that most root canal failures I see are due to leaky crowns which allows bacteria back in the canals. Ask you dentist of the age of the crown, and should you replace it.
Generally it should not be a problem. If you are having an endodontist retreat the root canal, he would help determine if the tooth is strong enough to withstand the retreatment. Retreatment is done all the time by endodontists. Good Luck.
Not necessarily. If a tooth needs a second RCT (root canal treatment), it can still be successful when properly restored. Generally, the second RCT can further weaken the tooth and the overall success would be lower than ideal first RCT. The primary future risk is reinfection and loss of the tooth.
A second root canal on the same tooth is called a retreatment. A retreatment in itself is not necessarily a problem, but what is more important is the reason the tooth needs to be retreated, whether the issue has been resolved by the retreatment, and the overall condition of the tooth in question. Without more information, it is not possible to determine whether a retreatment on your tooth can or will lead to a problem. You should visit an endodontist to have the tooth in question evaluated to determine the best course of treatment.
There are times when a root canal needs to be redone. Make sure that the crown on the tooth is fitting well. Most of the times, that shouldn't be a problem. A tooth with trauma can have some bone loss. You have to make sure you do a good job with your oral hygiene and visit the dentist for your regular cleanings and check ups.