Physical Therapist Questions Widespread pain

I am having a lot of pain all over my body post pregnancy. Should I go for some physical therapy?

After giving birth, I have been experiencing a lot of widespread pain throughout my body. Can physical therapy help the pain?

5 Answers

Yes, this sounds like something PT could help with. There are pelvic health PTs who specialize in post partum PT.
Yes it can. Also, as hard as it sounds, getting sleep, eating well, managing your stress levels will be very important. Make sure you're receiving help from your spouse, family and friends. Especially since you are a new mommy. Congratulations!
Yes, definitely. During pregnancy and labor, the female body goes through a lot of stress, which causes residual pain post-pregnancy due to altered body mechanics. I have worked with many post-pregnant women in the past for back pain, leg/hip pain, pubic pain, etc. Physical therapy does wonders for post-pregnancy issues.