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Urine trac pain

Pain in vaginal area and bladder. Also have pain the area of my kidneys in my back. I have been to an urologist and they have gave me 4 bladder insertions and a procedure where they fill my bladder and empty it. The only relief I can get is from the pills you get in the pharmacy. I also done the diret thing too. I need to see a doctor that can help me. Please give me some kind of lead. I need help and the one i have gone to has not helped.


2 Answers

It looks like you have specific condition possible (interstial cystitis). You need to follow you case with a urologist to investigate and make the proper diagnosis fist, they can put a plant for treatment.
There are many reasons to have pain in both the pelvic area or the lower back. If they are connected, it could be due to urinary tract infection, but it could also be due to a condition such as interstitial cystitis. That is a benign, but painful condition, which can be treated in a variety of ways. It is important for you to have another evaluation.

Clifford D. Gluck, MD, FACS
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