Dentist Questions Canker Sores

What are the best ways to get rid of cankersores?

I have a cankersore right in front of my teeth, and it really bothers me while I eat and when I drink anything hot. I wanted to try and grin and bear it, but it's not working. Are there ways to get rid of them easily at home?

12 Answers

An over the counter topical preparation like Kenalog in Orabase is what I recommend.
Just rinse with salt and water and it will take its time. Some creams might help that your dentist has to prescribe.
Try Magic Mouthwash if there are multiple lesions. Pharmacies usually carry it, but you’ll need a prescription. The best over-the-counter remedy is using Abreva ointment. Remember to change your toothbrush once it clears up. You don’t want to unintentionally reinfect yourself.
Recurrent canker sores may be an indication that your immune system or nutrition is lacking. I recommend a vitamin B supplement and probiotic. Also, over-the-counter treatments like Kanka can help comfort pain associated with canker sores.

Best to see your dentist for more professional remedies, laser treatment and steroid oral rinses will often more quickly improve symptoms. Also, annual oral cancer examinations will rule out other concerns than can look like canker sores.

Dr. Joe Ferraro
Unfortunately it is undergoing the healing process. You just need to give it time. Warm salt water rinses can aid in the healing process. The time required to heal will vary based on size.
The best and fastest way to get rid of this annoying canker sores is to rinse with Peroxide. Do not dilute it. Rinse for about 30 seconds several times per day. You will feel a difference after the first rinse.

Dana Truesdale, DDS
There are a few different types of canker sores. Unfortunately the best way to get rid of them is to allow them to heal on their own. There are some medications your dentist can prescribe you but it is best that it heals on it’s own. This usually takes between seven and 10 days. The best way to deal with canker sores is to find the source that is causing them. Sometimes it’s a certain food sometimes or tauma and other things. So try to keep a log of the things you ate a day or so before that canker sore appear. That way you can avoid those things in the future. When you have a canker sore it is best to avoid certain foods like salt, sour and spicy. Those things tend to irritate it also things like lemon juice apple juice and anything acidic.

Dr Jensen
Get hydrogen peroxide and keep it there for 20 seconds on affected area. Also get rinse over the counter
A salt water rinse and time
True canker sores are typically caused by a virus. Once they develop, they run their course and resolve in about 14 days. Over the counter treatments (Abreva) work well to make you feel better. Avoid acidic foods that will cause pain because of the open sore.
I recommend buying a bottle of Hibiclens at your local pharmacy. Apply liquid on the site (even if the sores haven't formed yet) with a Q-tip. Saturate area well. Apply 3-4 times daily.
Canker sores can happen due to a number of reasons like cheek or lip biting, stress, and spicy foods, so you can try to avoid the risk factors, and Abreva works to help with the healing of cold sores and canker sores.