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What are signs of having a boy?

I am a 25 year old pregnant woman. I want to know what are signs of having a boy?

3 Answers

Your tummy gets big, but that happens with girls also. Sorry, no real signs.
It is only in old wives tales that your question can be answered. I have heard people talk about the Drano test, how you carry, and plumb lines, etc. In today's world, where most women have an ultrasound mid-pregnancy, the gender can usually be seen that way. Frankly, more people choose to find out with their ultrasound. But isn't it a shame that you lose out on
fantasizing both ways? That used to be part of the fun.
They are exactly the same as having a girl! If you can tell what you're having with more than 50% accuracy, that would be a miracle.

Joseph A. Adashek, MD FACOG