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What are the benefits of seeing a chiropractor?

I want my 20 year old daughter to see a chiropractor for her neck pain. What are the benefits of seeing a chiropractor?

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The benefits of chiropractic is not a short list as it can help with many different things such as reducing muscle spasms, improving recovery time, enhancing your immune system, reducing stiffness and pain, promotes relaxation, improves digestive function, increasing nutrient flow, improving athletic performance, and many other things. At 20 years old, I would suggest going to an office that will take X-rays so you can get a thorough evaluation of internal structures, looking at spinal curvature, disc height, and bone health. The X-ray would allow the chiropractor to give specific corrections to the neck and get the nervous system functioning at its highest level.
There are various benefits to chiropractic care including, but not limited to improved joint range of motion, decreased neck and lower back pain, diagnosis and treatment of nerve related problems, postural analysis and corrective care, improved circulation and overall well-being. Find a doctor that aligns with your health and lifestyle values.
The benefit is having an expert in spinal and joint biomechanics assess and treat your daughter with a conservative method of care without any medication or surgery. Chiropractors are trained specifically in spinal evaluations and treatments to restore those biomechanics. Most people go to get "realigned" or "readjusted" which helps with their pain levels and returns them to their activity. There are many chiropractic specialties just like in medicine including pediatrics, sports medicine, orthopedics, neurology, etc.

Chiropractic care is often effective for neck pain. Neck pain has many causes. Was she in a car accident, or had other trauma such as a fall? Did she wake up with the pain due to sleeping in the wrong position? Has she been sitting at a computer prolonged without proper posture. Has she had a cold and as a result has lymphatic congestion? Spinal adjustments to realign the vertebrae can be helpful with any of the above scenarios. She will need to meet with the doctor who will take a history and do a spinal exam in order to determine if chiropractic would be helpful to her.

Dr. Jane Steffen Bye, DC FICPA
1. Improved Nerve Function (nerves control all other tissues!)
2. Improved Range of Motion and muscle/joint function
3. Improved blood flow (especially to formerly stuck areas)


Dr. Brandon Buttry
Several things. Not only relief of her neck pain but improved posture, increased energy level, and improved sleep. Studies have also shown that regular chiropractic care improves immune system response, cognitive skills and coordination. A junior high baseball player I once treated couldn't hit the broadside of a barn with a bat. After a few treatments, his batting and fielding improved until he became one of the best players on his team. Hit a home run every game. He made his mother bring him for an adjustment before each game.

Yours in health,

Doc J
Chiropractic adjustments improve brain and nervous system function. Since every function in your body depends on good brain and nerve function, benefits commonly include: pain relief, increased energy, improved sleep, improved digestive function, strengthened immune system, improved mental clarity and focus, improved moods, and others.

Skylar Bakko, DC QNCP PAK BFM

The biggest benefit to chiropractic is preventative. The other benefit to seeing a chiropractor is that most chiropractors will ask a lot of questions and do an examination to discover the underlying cause of the conditions that they see in the office. Knowing the underlying cause of a condition will lead to better management of the condition. Chiropractors do not use drugs or surgery to treat those conditions. Other benefits may include better joint function, less stress, and a healthier lifestyle.
A better functioning nervous system.
Chiropractors help not only with neck and back pain, but also with removing pinched nerves, and increasing overall function of the body. Each patient in our office is different, and as such, their benefits will be different depending on what is going on.

Dr. Josh Barton
Proven benefits include: Decreased pain, increased mobility, stop any degenerative changes to the joints, and improving coordination to prevent future injury.
There are many other anecdotal benefits which include overall wellness throughout the entire body.