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What are the side effects of a chiropractic adjustment?

I am a 31-year-old male. I want to have a chiropractic adjustment for my back. What are the side effects of a chiropractic adjustment?

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Soreness is common for a day or two, but it’s also common to experience pain relief and stress relief.
If you are not relaxed and the doctor forced the adjustment, it could cause the arm to hurt more.
May be a little sore, but there’s not really much as far as side effects.
It depends on what your symptoms are. It is usually just some soreness after the first adjustment. There are no real adverse side effects after an adjustment.
Quite honestly, there are no side effects, only side benefits.
Compared to many pharmaceutical options, the side effects for chiropractic are little, if any. In fact the side effects are usually positive! Things like better sleep, more energy, etc., are often reported. However, depending on the stiffness of your spine, you could experience very minimal muscle soreness the day after. It won't phase you and you'll be glad you went!


A few common feelings after an adjustment may include but are not limited to: euphoric feeling, better movement, less stiffness, less tightness, possible soreness, reduction in pain, improved energy, better sleep, etc.


Dr. Duchon
The main side effect is muscle soreness that usually happens on visits 1-3. Also, there can be a feeling of fatigue and general discomfort. This is because an adjustment increases blood flow and causes a release of lactic acid from muscles into the blood stream. This is why many chiropractors advise their patients to drink plenty of water to flush out the system to rid the body of this natural toxin.

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Fatigue, some increased pain or soreness.
Adverse reactions (negative side effects) for a Chiropractic adjustment are not typical or common but can occur. It is possible to have a rib fracture, strained muscle or sprained ligament during the course of a HVLA (hight velocity low amplitude) thrust. There are many techniques within Chiropractic that do not involve a forceful thrust to the spine such as, Activator, SOT, DNFT, ART, and others. For you as 31 year old male, your risk of an adverse reaction is very low. Hope this helps you.