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What are the signs of a manic depressive?

My friend is 30 years old. He was diagnosed with manic depression. What are the signs of a manic depressive?

3 Answers

There are episodes of hyperactivity not sleeping much and impulsive behaviors {manic] and episodes of depression: negativity, lack of energy and withdrawal. These are the most common behaviors seen by a non-clinician.
A manic phase consists of the following symptoms: racing thoughts, grandiose thinking, abnormal or sense of elation, irritability, decreased need, pressured speech, poor judgement, markedly increased energy and possibly inappropriate social behavior. Symptoms of depression include: sadness, guilt, hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness, difficulty sleeping or over sleeping, possible suicidal thoughts, loss of interest and pleasure in things which were enjoyable, fatigue/loss of energy, difficulty making decisions or concentrating, change in appetite or weight. A combination of psychotropic medication and psychotherapy has been helpful in treating a bipolar disorder or manic depressive disorder.

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