Pulmonologist Questions Asthma

What are the treatment options for asthma?

I am a 19-year-old male and I was diagnosed with asthma. What are the treatment options for asthma?

2 Answers

Three options - bronchodilator drugs, airway anti-inflamatory drugs and antibodies to the asthma inflammatory inducing cascade.
That is a good question with a fairly simple answer. Asthma is easily diagnosed and very treatable. It is a chronic condition, and continued medical therapy and follow up as well as self education is critical to a good outcome and normal lifestyle.
Treatment depends on the severity of symptoms and obstruction on PUlmonary function testing. Anti inflammatory agents are effective and the mainstay of treatment typically in the form of inhaled steroids and bronchodilators. There are some oral agents for some types of allergic asthma associated with allergic rhinitis.
I had many athletes with asthma, vocal performers who with treatment could perform at the highest level. This is not a disability for you so get treatment with a doctor very familiar with asthma management.