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What can I do about my yellow teeth?

I am a 22 year old female with naturally yellow teeth. I brush twice a day and don't understand why they are still yellow.

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Not everyone has naturally bright white teeth. How your teeth formed, how thick the enamel is, medications taken as a child might effect how your teeth developed and look now. Ask your dentist about bleaching and porcelain veneers. One of these options may give you the beautiful smile you desire.
Natural color of dentin. You can bleach it, but intrinsic stains cannot be bleached away.
The shade of you teeth depends on many factors (genetics, disease, food or drinks). Color of teeth range in a spectrum of yellow to grays. Everyone is different. Some of the color is internal (coming from the inside). During development, or external, (outside sources) such as food & drinks is blueberries, red wine, coffee.... Recommendation would be OTC whiteners or expensive in-office whitening systems. All are temporary and will need to be re done to maintain.
If the enamel on your teeth is intact and healthy, I'd recommend a professional cleaning, then home lightening. Custom fitted trays to hold lightening gel on your teeth is the most effective way to brighten your teeth.
The yellow that shows on teeth is due to the dentin (second layer) of the tooth that lies under your enamel (white layer). In order to brighten the "yellow" part of the teeth, you would consider in office or at home whitening products.
That is the intrinsic color of your teeth. If you want whiter teeth, you can professionally bleach them