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What can I do about the burn on my tongue?

I am a 28 year old female and I burned my tongue last night. I accidentally had a sip of too hot tea. How can I treat it?

4 Answers

Rinse with warm salt water and avoid any acids foods or drinks.
Use warm salt water rinses, and if the pain is uncomfortable, use maximum strength orabase.
Avoid spicy, acid-like foods, eat mild dairy products.
How deep is your burn? A few months ago I was served clams casino that wqere so hot that I burned the tip of my tongue. For over a week I could not place any food, water in my mouth warmer than leuke warm. Warm salt water rinses are helpful. You may have to reduce the amount of salt. The area that was burned, temporarily may make you unable to taste food for a week or more. If eating is painful, see your dentist. There is a topical anesthesia that you need a prescription for that will help if eating is painful. You will have to make sure that whatever food or drink you put in your mouth, you place a few drops of it on the back of your hand to make sure your don't add another hot liquid to your burn. Our tongues are sensitive. If you have a mouthful of food and there is a hair in that food., almost automatically you will feel that strand of hair. You will either make a run to the restroom or grab a napkin and remove all the food in your mouth. With babies and toddlers we check the temperature of the liquids and foods.
We make sure all hot liquids and foods are kept out of a babies or toddler's reach. Forcefully removing hot foods. The last thing you want to do is swallow hot foods and liquids. Your esophagus tissues are delicate. The patients with scar tissue tissue in their esophagus were fed with a feeding tube. Some patients, especially children were given food to chew on. It was thought that digestive enzymes were stimulated in the stomach to help digestion of the feeding tube liquid. The food that was chewed in the mouth was placed in a container and thrown out. Depending on the age of young children, permanent surgical solutions are planned but sometimes the young person's body structures have to develop. It is amazing how important lt is to protect our mouth tissues from hot foods and liquids.