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What causes fluid to form in one's eardrum?

I'm 40, and I feel like there is fluid within my ear. This feeling started last night. Is there anything that I can do to get rid of it? Why would it form in the first place? (and I can that this is different from shower water)

3 Answers

Fluid behind eardrum can form from allergy causes as well as viral infection, At times, it can occur due to barometric and altitude changes.
Dr D
Fluid sensation of the middle ear is common, possibly secondary to underlying issues of eustachian tube dysfunction, which may be secondary to low-grade allergy symptoms and/or sinus congestion. Treatment of eustachian tube dysfunction with positive pressure and Valsalva type maneuver can alleviate the symptoms on a regular basis. This includes "popping" of the ears with gentle pressure by blowing through the nose for the nostrils closed.
Inflammatory mucosal changes in the middle ear which leads to fluid exudation