Dermatologist Questions Skin Pigmentation Disorders

What causes pigment loss in skin?

I'm 43 years old, female. Last year I started noticing a patchy area spreading out from my eyes where it looks like the skin is losing pigment. What causes pigment loss in skin?

3 Answers

Thank you for the question. The two main ways you can lose pigment are due to trauma (burns, scrapes, chemicals, infections ...) or systemic illnesses (autoimmune, genetic, ...). It is important to understand the reason you are loosing pigment so that an effective treatment regimen can be started.
You may be developing vitiligo or hypopigmentation from irritation.
Depending on how much the pigment is loss. A total loss could be vitiligo and more testing may be needed. If there was an inflammation prior to the loss, it could be post-inflamatory hypo-pigmentation, color usually returns. Please visit your dermatologist to get more recommendations and for your yearly skin exams.