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What could the bump on my gum be?

I am a 24 year old male and I noticed a bump on my gums. What could the bump on my gum be?

5 Answers

Is it hard or soft? If soft, it could be a sign of an infection, cancer, tumor, etc.
Perhaps acute inflammation caused by accumulation of plaque (bacteria) in your gums, that causes infection or perhaps your brushing/ flossing in the gums are not good enough, no frequent or meticulous. May be a misalignment of your teeth that collects plaque. Basically lack of professional, deep cleaning. Need to see a Dentist for check up and X Rays. plus deep cleaning by a Hygienist.
It could be an abscess but obviously you need a dentist to examine you to determine what it is.
A bump on the gums can either be a tooth related infection in that site (should see a dentist to make sure the infection is under control), gingivitis, oral ulcer, or excess bone that feels like a bump in the site. Always see your dentist to find a diagnosis and necessary treatment.
You talk about a bump on your gum. You should see your dentist. By not knowing where your bump is, it can be something normal or something that needs attention. Please see your dentist!