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What do I do if my retainer doesn't fit anymore?

I am a 28 year old female. I want to know what to do if my retainer doesn't fit anymore?

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Get a new one made
Visit your American Dental Association dentist and have a new one made.

If your retainer does not fit, you need to replace it. Retention is a lifetime issue. If you will stop wearing retainers, your teeth will move.
If your retainer does not fit, you do need a new one. Retention is a lifetime issue. If you will not be wearing a retainer, your teeth will move.
If you need it, ask the lab to adjust first if they can to save you $$. If not, make a new one.
You have to start over.
If your RETAINER does not fit anymore, you have not worn your RETAINER for a long while. See your dentist, find out how to clean your teeth, and clean your teeth correctly every day.
If the teeth have only slightly shifted, then new retainers should work fine. If the teeth have shifted too much, then Orthodontic treatment will be needed to reverse the shift.
If the retainer has been adjusted or changed shape, then it will have to be fixed by your orthodontist. However, before you do this, just make sure you are putting it on properly.

If your retainer does not fit anymore, it is helpful to figure out why. If it does not fit because it has not been worn in some time, then it means that your teeth have shifted. If it has been consistently worn, then there may be something wrong with the retainer.
Regardless of the reason, it would be best to go back to the person who make the retainer for you in the first place as that doctor can properly evaluate whether your teeth have shifted and if there are any destructive interferences (teeth are hitting each other improperly). If this is not an option, you can usually go to a dentist for a free consultation and discuss the different types of retainers that can be made for you. Hope this helps

My best to you!

William F. Scott IV, DMD
This means that either your retainer warped, or your teeth moved. Either way, see your orthodontist for follow up treatment.