OB-GYN (Obstetrician-Gynecologist) Questions Vaginal Yeast Infection

What can I do to prevent my vaginal infection from recurring?

I have been getting recurring vaginal infections and it is quite painful every time. I've been taking over the counter medicine, but they aren't doing anything for me. What should I do to prevent these infections from recurring?

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See your Gynecologist for an exam and vaginal culture
Is your infection bacterial or yeast? You need to get a culture done and then get it treated by a gynecologist or infectious diseases doctor.
In order to answer your question concerning the prevention of infections, it is vital to know exactly which infections you are talking about. A lot of over-the-counter preparations are designed to address symptoms only such as itching, for example, with the understanding that the user will follow up with a healthcare provider for a diagnosis. The diagnosis then determines what the treatment/cure is and provides the basis for preventative care.
Can you tell me what infections you seek to prevent?
Hi, you are not alone. It is important to find the exact cause of your recurrent vaginal infections. Are they yeast vaginal infections and/or bacterial vaginosis? Using Summer’s Eve Medicated Douche after intensive sexual activity can help. For further information, you may wish to read my blog on this subject: http://blog.oasishealth.care/vaginitis-culprits-gynecology-heartache/ and http://blog.oasishealth.care/gynecology-anguish-vaginitis/.

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Elizabeth K. Chung, MD
A thorough exam by your gynecologist with accurate diagnosis and specific treatment is the only way to correctly identify the type of infection and eradicate it with the correct treatment.
You need to see a Provider because you may not be using the right treatment. You need to find out what the infection is so you can get the proper treatment and prevention plan.
You need to see your ob/gyn so she can do your cultures and also do some blood work. Most likely you need to go on suppression therapy. Hopefully, that will take care of your recurrent infection.