Dentist Questions Sore gums

What does it mean when my gums are sore?

My gums have been feeling a little sore lately, and I'm not really sure why it's happening. My gums look fine, too. What could be causing them to be sore?

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There are numerous causes of pain in our gingiva (gums). Infection, trauma, tooth problems, inflammation, and even dysfunction in the nerves (neuropathy and neuralgia). Depending upon the pain described by the patient, his or her oral health history, and intraoral or extraoral pathological changes, an expert dentist can diagnose the problem and help the patient treat or manage it.

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Sometimes the diagnosis of the source of the pain is very simple, like verifying a broken and infected tooth clinically or via an x-ray. However, sometimes the problem is not as simple as a broken tooth. For example in the case of autoimmune diseases, like lichen planus, pemphigoid, and pemphigus, some changes are rooted in patients’ gingiva, such as redness and ulceration.
Bacterial plaque, bad filling or crown, space between teeth
The most likely cause of gum soreness is due to gingivitis due to poor oral hygiene or lack of proper cleanings over a certain amount of time. Other things can cause soreness such as cuts and localized infections, however, typically, a cleaning will take care of this soreness once everything heals up.
Get it checked.
Most instances of gum soreness are caused by gingivitis--inflammation of the gum tissues.  The most common cause is bacteria in the plaque film that attaches itself to the base of the tooth. Even if your gums look fine, you may still have gingivitis.  The best remedy is thorough cleaning at the base of the teeth and between the teeth.  This means brushing plus proper flossing.  An antibacterial mouthrinse like Listerine can help also. See your dentist if the problem doesn't clear up within a week.
Dr. AL
You likely have calculus and/or plaque under the gums causing this active periodontal infection. Go see a reputable dentist!