Nephrologist (Kidney Specialist) Questions C-Reactive Protein Test

What does protein loss through urine mean or indicate?

My mother's reports indicate protein loss in her urine. What does this really mean? What is the way to address it?

4 Answers

Protein loss in the urine means kidney disease. Most commonly due to diabetes
Protein in the urine is abnormal. It indicates kidney injury. One should know the amount of protein excreted in a 34-hr period. The physician can order a 24-hr urine collection for it or can do a spot urine protein:creatinine ratio. There are several causes for protein in urine. Diabetes is one of the most important and common reasons. Needs to find out the reason for proteinuria, and management depends on the cause. There are medicines to control it. In patients with hypertension and diabetes, controlling these diseases will improve proteinuria. Also, a low salt diet will help.

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It means that she has glomerular disease
Possibe early kidney disease, talk to your MD