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What foods should I avoid after a tooth extraction?

I am a 44 year old female and I will have a tooth extraction next week. What foods should I avoid after a tooth extraction?

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All of them on the same day
Soft diet is the best for a few days
Anything hard or durable in terms of not chewing with a lot of force, hard chips, etc and try to avoid spicy foods.
Avoid anything hard (e.g., chips), foods with tiny seeds (e.g., fresh tomatoes), hot foods and beverages, and spicy food. Any food that can cause small particles to enter the extraction site and cause damage.
It depends on the type of extraction... simple, or surgical extraction. If it is surgical and involving bone incision you may want to eat soft foods that require less heavy chewing forces/pressure in the jaw. Initially, you may want to also avoid very hot foods that may prolong bleeding. However, your dentist normally provides the patient with after surgery instructions, both orally and written.
Dr Fox
You want to avoid any small foods such as rice, sharp foods such as chips, sticky food such as caramel, and hot foods while you are numb. These things can further traumatize the tissue or dislodge the blood clot/healing trying to form.
Depending on the type of extraction, sutures, grafting, etc. it is very hard to answer that question. YOUR doctor/surgeon who is performing your extraction should answer that question or give you guidelines. I usually tell my patients soft diet, nothing with small hard parts, and nothing too hot (including spicy) or extremely cold. Good luck
Mostly crunchy, hard foods. If only a single tooth extraction, you can often eat a mostly " normal" diet., but staying away from the site of the tooth removal.
Please consult with the dentist / surgeon removing the tooth / teeth.
Knowing YOUR situation, he /she can give better post op instructions for you, than I can.

Just avoid hot and spicy food.
Thank you.
You should avoid hard or foods with a rough edge for at least 3-5 days after your tooth extraction.
It's advisable to avoid anything too hot, hard after an extraction. A soft diet with lukewarm foods are required, with plenty of liquid intake.