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What happens if you never get your wisdom teeth pulled out?

I am a 31 year old male. I want to know what happens if you never get your wisdom teeth pulled out?

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Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed. Review with your dentist
Very often nothing will happen. Many people never have their wisdom teeth removed and they are fine.
It depends. Sometimes nothing, sometimes a cavity around, sometimes gum problems.
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As long as you do not have any signs or symptoms related to your wisdom teeth, you do not need to have them extracted. However, you need to have regular exams with a dentist to ensure the wisdom teeth are not causing any problems.
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We ususlly recommended wisdom teeth extraction because of these main reasones:
1. It is usually diffcult to keep clean wisdom teeth, do to their position, being the most posterior teeth in the oral cavity, and prone to cavites, gingivits and periodontal disease.
2. If they are impacted means they are not grown in the oral cavity and deep in the bone, they might form cyst around the tooth and cyst might expand and cause the need for extensive procedure like jaw resection.
3. Wisdom teeth might cause pain and infection on the adjusant teeth by putting pressure and causing resorption.

However; there is times elected to leave the wisdom teeth in the arch. If the patient has excellent hygiene, and no cavites detected upon a total examination, the teeth are aligned well and wisdom teeth proximity to the vital anotmoy such as sinus and nerve are very close, it will be better to leave the wisdom teeth to prevent damage to the sinus or nerve.
Every patient and every situation is unique. Without an X-ray and clinical exam it is extremely difficult to answer this very good question. Infections, cysts, decay, and jaw fracture are all possibilities with retained wisdom teeth. However a number of patients can keep their wisdom teeth for a life time without issues.
Maybe nothing. This really requires an exam to determine potential pathology.
Some people can keep their wisdom teeth all their lives, with no problems. Many people need their wisdom teeth out simply because there is not enough room or space to accommodate them. They then push your other teeth out of alignment, or they erupt in at poor angles. So, if they are straight and in, keep brushing and flossing and NO PROBLEM!
In general, if you have enough room in your mouth for the teeth to be there and you can clean them well, there is no need to remove them.
As long as the teeth are erupted and decay free and you can keep them clean you can generally keep them forever.
If you don’t have cavities on your wisdom teeth, they are fully erupted and not causing any damages to the teeth next to them, and have no pain then you don’t have to get them removed.