Naturopath Questions Sore Throat

What herbs can help get rid of a sore throat?

I have a sore throat, but I don't want to treat it with anything pharmaceutical because it never really goes away. I know my sore throat is from allergies. Are there any herbs I can take that'll get rid of a sore throat?

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This is a multifaceted problem. Sore throat is caused by your tonsils being inflamed. As your body is fighting, antibodies within your body brings a lymph gland. When it gets engorged with toxins faster than your body can excrete the filtered out from the blood, the soreness is caused and is the reason you have the sore throat. Gargling with sea salt water can help. Also, pure tea tree oil added to the skin over the affected area, too.
-Sliperry Elm
-Oregano oil capsules
-Hydrogen peroxide food grade

Dr. Liz
Coneflower-We took several hundred years to catch up and truly appreciate the purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea), one of Native Americans' most useful antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal herbs. But within the last 15 years, the coneflower has been sold as an immune-system stimulant-Echinacea-to help fight the common cold and flu. Echinacea is available in a tincture, tablet, or capsule in health-food stores. To use the tincture, add 10 to 16 drops to a glass of water and sip about a quarter of the cup to help the immune system fight off whatever germs are causing the sore throat. Gargle with the rest and spit it out.
If your sore throat is from allergies then you should properly address your allergies. Otherwise trying to "fix" your sore throat won't actually fix your sore throat. You could try all the herbs, supplements, and remedies and it may not work. It may, however, make you think that these things are not effective. Once you address your allergies, though, and you still have a sore throat, herbs that can be helpful are echinacea and turmeric. Zinc lozenges can also help with sore throat.
Hello, good day... You may try warm Ginger Tea which is an awesome herbal-aid. However, if this irritation within the throat has continued on for an extended amount of time it is very important that you have a physician take a look into your symptoms.