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What can I do for muscle soreness around my thighs?

I feel sore, specifically around my thighs. It is aching whenever I walk or stretch. What should I do?

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This is a difficult question to answer without a more complete history and examination. Some of the questions to ask would be is this a "workout" soreness, or an "I injured myself" type of pain. What is your nutrition like? Are you getting enough vitamins? Are you out of shape, or do you exercise regularly? These are things that your chiropractor should help you determine.
Keep up on water and consult a medical professional.
Thank you for your question.
We use up to 200 muscles just to talk a step forward! Though any of these muscles can result in problems with our walking, soreness is indicative of an overused muscle.
First, you want to rule out any change in activity or weight, and any strength training as the possible trigger for the soreness. After these have been ruled out, the most likely problem is with your gait (walking form). Because we do not think about firing the 200 muscles in a coordinated motion every time we take a step, our bodies have developed patterns that make the thought process easier. On occasion, faulty movement patterns can become a part of our routine which can lead to a change in the forces the body applies to various joints and muscles. All of these changes can lead to muscles that are overworked and become. A chiropractor specializes in musculoskeletal condition and can help you find the source of the problem. If you do not have a chiropractor, here is a map of evidence-based chiropractors.!map
Foam rolling is a great option for muscle soreness throughout the legs.
Our muscles and joints can be sore achy for different reasons. There is a good chance that chiropractic can help relieve your pain. You should schedule an appointment with ou local chiropractor and make sure you give accurate and complete information about your current condition to he doctor during the exam. After the exam is complete he/she should be able to give you some treatment options based on their findings.
Keep exercising, but if it persists, rule out vascular problems first! It could be a simple chiro fix. Better safe than sorry!
Have your posture checked.
Besides, seeing a chiropractor to treat the muscles seeing a medical doctor to rule out any blood vessel clots or vascular disorders is imperative.
See a qualified chiropractor or physical therapist
I would try yoga and see a chiropractor to identify the cause
Soreness after working out is not uncommon. The muscles release lactic acid, which causes muscles and soft tissue to be tender. Increase your water intake and electrolytes to help flush your system and prevent dehydation.
Sometimes you can also have cramping if you are low in vitamin D, low calcium, dehydrated, and if someone is taking a diuretic pill (sometimes the potassium is too low). This can be determined by a complete blood count. Lab work is needed for this.

In your case, if it's just exercises, increase your H2O. See if that helps.
You should get a least a 1/2 hour
Hello there. Sore thighs can result from many issues in life. Sedentary lifestyle, too little if any stretching, too much stretching, not enough exercise, too much exercise, circulation issues, or neurological issues to state the most obvious and most common. I would get a physical or evaluation from your MD and have them do basic labs and exams, and first RULE OUT physiological causation, and follow up with a chiropractor or PT would be reasonable approach. Hope I helped.

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See a reputable chiropractor

Without knowing your complete history, it is a question that is not easy to answer, but have you tried topical creams or any type of therapy? What about seeing a chiropractor?
There should be an examination to determine why the thighs are so tight and achy. There may be a connection between your lower back and your leg symptoms. If it is just tight muscles, continue stretching and make sure you drink plenty of water.