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What is an adjustment like for a child?

I'm thinking about taking my daughter to get her back adjusted because she does a lot of sports and has some pain in her lower back. She's only 12-years-old, but I think an adjustment would really help her. If I took her to get her back adjusted, what would it be like?

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5 Great Reasons To Take Your Child To The Chiropractor

1) To promote proper growth and development and to limit health challenges such as issues with nursing and reflux.
2) To allow a child’s nervous system and spine to grow optimally and without interference. To reduce ear infections, bed wetting, asthma and allergies.
3) To improve a child’s immune system and digestive health and to limit colic and constipation.
4) To encourage nerve and brain development and promote proper perception and awareness preventing labels such as neuro-developmental disorders.
5) To be proactive about your child’s overall health and wellbeing which will limit and support them through colds and infections and allow them to meet their optimal potential.
Their spines are just like an adults only still developing and growing. The adjustment techniques are the same but typically more gentle. Children are always easier to adjust and they respond better then adults because they have less trauma in their history.
It would be awesome. I recommend seeing a chiropractor and allowing them to decide if they believe chiropractic treatment can be effective.
Spinal alignments are extremely important for children. Especially for girls between the ages of 12-16. Her body is growing and changing rapidly. This is also the age where females should be checked regularly for development of scoliosis. The adjustments for children are very similar to adjustments for adults. Make an appointment today! Thanks!
Depending on your child's condition and the fact that she is already been checked for scoliosis and that is not the cause of her back pain also we will evaluate in my office what sport she plays and what could be causing her pain the adjustment can be done manually or it can be done with an activator which is an instrument designed to move bones and release muscles without having to press forcefully on the child since they are smaller with my experience children respond fantastic to Chiropractic and they enjoy it because they feel the results immediately in most circumstances
For pediatric care the adjustment is more like mobilization. Low force to no force. There are offers NO popping noise that you usually hear from adults.
A spinal checkup could be one of the most important of your child's life. In addition to the stress of childbirth, the constant jumping, falling, running and bumping of a normal childhood often cause vertebral subluxations, with serious health consequences if left uncorrected.
Adjusting a 12 year old is no different than adjusting an adult. Make sure X-rays are taken before her treatment.
We would start off just like we would with any other patient, with a consultation and examination, including imaging if it is warranted with the results of the medical history and the exam. When it comes to getting adjusted, there are many different techniques and depending on the age as well as the needs of the patient they may change. Adjustments for some one your daughters age would be similar to that of an adult patient. Most adjustments feel good and are associated with instant relief of joint pain or tenderness, joint stiffness, and muscle tension.

Kids make great Chiropractic patients and do well under Chiropractic care. Seeing as your daughter is a young athlete I would highly recommend she gets under Chiropractic care to help with her longevity in sports, especially if she wants to play competitive sports at the high school level, collegiate level, or beyond
Generally painless and relaxing
Typically, most 12-year-olds don't experience back pain. Scoliosis is the most common cause of back pain in adolescent patients. The doctor would likely rule out scoliosis either by physical exam or X-ray. He would also evaluate for other causes of back pain based on her history. If it is scoliosis, this usually responds well to manipulation. If it is not, then perhaps a short trial of manipulation would be warranted to determine if her symptoms respond.
I recommend seeking a Pediatric Chiropractor or any Chiropractor who has experience with children her age. The adjustments will be very similar to a fully grown adult, but gentler. I believe it will help her tremendously.
After a detailed assessment of what is causing the pain, any manner of chiropractic treatment specifically applied to suite your daughter's needs. Treatments may include manual adjustments, table or gravity assisted adjustments, instrument assisted chiropractic adjustments, decompression, therapeutic laser, or soft tissue. It will be applied based on her condition, preference, and history.
Hi, thank you for your question. Chiropractic adjustment is very helpful as long as you will go to a trusted chiropractor and a very good one. I have it done it a few times and it feels good because it is helping. Sometimes you will be sore from the adjustment, but aside from that, it is comfortable. However, since your daughter does a a lot of sports, physical therapy treatment will also be beneficial to strengthen her muscles to get a better support and stability on the lower back area.
Hope this will help.
A chiropractic adjustment is really a great idea for children. Most children by the time they are 5 years old they have had over 2500 falls and this along is a need to keep the spine in line and the child is growing. The adjustment help keep the spine in line while the child is going and it help the body to function better. You will find that your child will sleep better not have a many sick days because there immune system is functioning better and their stress that is put on the body while playing sports will be less. Just make sure they go to a chiropractor that know how to work with kids and she will be find.
The adjustment for a child is very similar to that of an adult. The force used by the doctor will be adapted to the needs of your daughter. I have personally adjusted children as early as a few minutes out of the womb. For children who are active in sports, I feel it is vitally important that they are routinely checked by a chiropractor to not only help them through the sport, but also help reduce the stress put onto the body by that sport. It is never too early to get your child seen by a chiropractor.
If she is only 12 and is already having back pain you should absolutely get her evaluated by a chiropractor. There are many techniques in chiropractic to adjust the spine. 99% of them are safe for children. Choose a chiropractor that sees children and you will be fine. Kids love it and they respond very quickly to the care. Chances are with your daughter being in sports she probably "cracks" her back on her own anyway so she would be used to what an adjustment feels like. The difference is the chiropractor will be very specific on where the adjustments are needed and therefore will be more effective.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Brian
Hello there! Your concern is valid since seeing some adults being adjusted can look forceful. Being a mom myself, I question everything I have done to my kids too! I've been personally adjusting both of my boys since birth. Adjustments on children are much more gentle compared to what it looks like for an adult. Not that adult adjustments should be very forceful. You can definitely get a gentle adjustment and see improvement in your complaint. Some chiropractors use Activator, cranial sacral therapy, and/or soft tissue work as well which are all very gentle techniques. Ask other moms in your area who they take their kids to. Hope this helps!
We have different techniques to adjust kids, it depends on their main complain and also body size.
Chiropractic adjustments on children are generally low force and have great success. As children have youth on their side, they are typically quick to recover and benefit largely from spinal re-alignment. Not only is it possible that Chiropractic adjustments could help resolve you daughter's pain but they could also create a foundation of health for her future and prevent further problems from developing.

With that said, each Chiropractor will have a slightly different "style" of adjusting the spine. Be sure to check into online reviews of the office you choose. You may even want to check the website to familiarize yourself with the type of cases the doctor typically handles. I believe you would be pleasantly surprised how gentle- and effective- Chiropractic adjustments can be.