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What is an retroverted uterus?

During my last ultrasound, my doctor told me that I had a retroverted uterus and that it may cause some problems if I wanted to have children. Why is my uterus positioned like this? What does it mean?

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It’s like being left handed during pregnancy, it straightens no problem.
A retroverted uterus refers to the angle a uterus sits in a women’s pelvis. One which is retroverted is angled more downward toward the rectum. As opposed to an anteverted uterus which is angled more upward toward the bladder.
A retroverted uterus just means it curves backward towards you spine. This is very common and does NOT cause infertility. About a third of women have this. The only thing this may cause is more back pain during your periods. Your doctor was obviously not a gynecologist.
Every woman's uterus points one direction or another, anterior to posterior. Most women's lean forward, anteverted. Yours just leans to the back. This is a TOTALLY normal variant and will not impact your fertility.
There is some speculation about certain sexual positions increasing your chances of conceiving with a retroverted uterus. These have not been proven however. You can find them with a simple search online.
I hope this helps!
There are five normal positions for the uterus: anteverted, anteflexed, midplane, retroflexed, and retroverted. It is a normal position for the uterus. It is not problematic for having children
The uterus has 2 positioning options, anteverted or retroverted. Retroverted means the uterus is inclined towards the rectum. It is definitely a normal and very common condition and it should not interfere with conception or cause any complication during pregnancy.

Monica Martinez Rivera, MD FACOG
The uterus can be anteverted (tipped forward) or retroverted (tipped backwards). It usually is not a major issue whether your uterus is tipped forward or backwards. Once you get pregnant, the uterus expands and likely straightens out as time progresses.
Do not worry, there are lots of uteri in those positions and people do become pregnant and have successful deliveries. Sometime this is the way you are born.