Orthopedist Questions Clubfoot

What is clubfoot and how is it treated?

I recently came across a term clubfoot. What is it and how is it treated? Does it always occur at birth or can it develop?

8 Answers

Only in utero and presents at birth
Clubfoot is a congenital disorder usually occurring at birth, which is treated with casting.
Clubfoot is usually noted at birth. On mild cases simple stretching by the mom is adequate. More rigid types need application of casts. This should be evaluated by a children's orthopedic specialist.
Clubfoot is a congenital foot deformity that is typically treated with serial casts using the Ponsetti technique in infancy.
Club feet are congenital deformities of feet and ankles. They can be treated by early manipulation and casting. In some cases surgery maybe necessary
It is a birth deformity in which the foot is stuck in an improper position from birth. It is usually severe and may need surgery or serial casts to correct.
It is a birth defect where the bones of the foot are not formed properly. In mild forms it can be treated with casts or bracing. More severe cases do require surgery to align the foot properly.