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What is a mini tooth implant?

My friend keeps talking about getting a mini tooth implant, instead of a regular one. What is a mini tooth implant? I never heard of it before.

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Mini tooth implants are typically used for dentures stabilization. I recommend you see your dental professional to see if you are the best candidate for one.
Mini tooth implants are, as the name implies, smaller than a regular implant. They are safer to place but lack the same degree of bone anchorage. It's a decision best left to your implant dentist to recommend the best kind, regular or mini.
As a general dentist who has been restoring dental mplants since the early 90's and placing dental implants since 2006. I have had experience with and use both "traditional" and "mini" implants. Much like the name sounds, mini implants are much like regular implants but typically have a much smaller diameter than "traditional" implants; hence the name "mini". They may or may not be as long as a traditional implant, and depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you may need more than one of them as they do not have the same surface area that a longer or larger diameter "traditional" implant has. There are ideal calculations for the proper amount of surface area the implant needs to replace the missing tooth or teeth, depending on how much force it is likely to need in order to be strong enough to withstand the forces of chewing. Many Dr's love mini implants, but they do not seem to be as popular as the "traditional" dental implants. It is always best to get more than one opinion when contemplating getting dental implants whether you are replacing one tooth or an entire mouthful of teeth. I personally tend to use the mini implants when replacing smaller individual teeth, rather than the fatter back teeth, or when a patient has no teeth at all and wants "teeth in a day" and we use the mini implants to temporarily support the temporary teeth while the traditional implants are healing. I hope that helps someone out there.
If you think of a regular implant as a bolt then a mini implant would be like a finishing nail much smaller and thinner. It can be used immediately right after it’s placed even the same day however it does not have the strength and the success rate as a typical implant which may need up to six months to heal. They are less expensive and many dentists use these when money is an issue. I also like to use them for making Secure temporaries that don’t come out while the regular implant is healing

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A Mini tooth implant - as the name so describes - is designed to be a "scaled down" version of an implant. Hailed as a Utopian solution to expensive implants a decade ago, they are one-piece dental implants which are about 1/8 inch wide and about an inch long tip to tip. Experience has shown that these mini-implants don't hold up well in poor density bone or high-chewing locations in the mouth, so they are principally relegated now to holding down lower dentures in a sort of ball-and-socket fashion. They do have an advantage in narrow missing tooth areas, but overall their use is limited and traditional sized implants are a better option for replacing missing teeth.
Mini implants are small implants usually placed on the lower front teeth area to give an appliance more support for eating and talking.
Dentists are creative and mini implants can be placed in other areas when more support is needed to keep an appliance in place.
It is a bone graft. It is not a mini bone graft.
A mini implant is as the name implies: a small implant. It is used mostly to anchor a denture in your mouth. They are placed in the bone and there is an attachment at the top that allows a full denture to "snap" onto the implant and be anchored so it doesn't move. Mini implants have been used to place a tooth on it to replace a missing tooth, but that is a little more controversial and needs to be considered with caution.