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What is the best product for shrinking pores?

I am a 26 year old female and I want to shrink pores on my face. What is the best product for shrinking pores?

3 Answers

TCA CROSS, employing high concentration of TCA is an in-office procedure that is useful for shrinking ice pick scars and dilated pores. Professional microneedling followed by the application of lower concentrations of TCA is also helpful for this problem and are more permanent solutions. On the other hand. glycolic acid and salicylic acid peels can help temporarily by causing slight swelliing of the pore openings and thereby making them appear tighter and less open.
Retin A remains as one of the best products at reducing pore size when the pores are stretched due to black heads. However photo facial is one of the best treatments when pores dilate with age
"Pores" shrinking really isn't a thing, but if you're looking into a better, smoother skin texture, chemical peels and lasers are great for this. Visit your dermatologist for more information and treatment options.