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What is the best way to treat a cavity?

I am a 36-year-old female who was just told I have a cavity. What is the best way to treat a cavity?

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By removing the decay and placing a filling.
Hello that is a great question!! The first step is to anesthetize the tooth properly, secondly is to remove the decay very conservatively with either a slow speed and also a high-speed hand piece. Then place a base and/or liner if the cavity is deep to protect the pulp, then the dentist can restore it was either a composite white resin restoration or amalgam restoration or if the cavity was quite big sometimes a crown is indicated!
Good luck!

Dr. Marcin
The accepted treatment is to have the decay removed using a dental drill and then to fill the void created by the cavity with a resin composite. There is no alternative that has been proven to work over the long term or really work at all. There are a lot of unscientific rumors on the internet – most of them do nothing and some can actually cause more problems. Trust your dentist.

Jim Kline
Usually, the best way to treat a cavity is to have the decay cleaned out and a filling placed.
Have it treated by a dentist. Maybe I don’t understand the question? The ‘how’ depends on the size but generally:
1.numb the patient
2. Drill out the soft decayed part of the tooth
3. Bond white filling material in the newly cleaned out area.
I hope this helps!
Depends on the size. Your dental provider should have given you the best options depending on size and location. It can be doing a filling with amalgam or white resin if small to a inlay/ inlay or even crown if large. But removing the cavity and filling it is usual way to treat it
The best and correct way to treat a cavity is to have a filling completed on that tooth. A filling would be performed by a general dentist.