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What is the cause of bad breath?

I am a 26-year-old male and I have bad breath even after brushing. What is the cause of bad breath?

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-Improper toothbrush if technique
-Inefficient young cleaning
-Gingival conditions
Bacterial infections
There are many causes – could be decay that has not been treated in one or more of your teeth, could be xerostomia, could be acid reflux, could be a lot of different things…….start by seeing a dentist and asking them.

Jim Kline
If I could give one answer, I would say bacteria. Our mouths have it at all times and typically we can keep them under control. It is when there is somewhere we can't reach with our homecare, they will multiply and get out of control. If our mouths are dry and we are not creating enough saliva to wash it away, bacteria can have the same party. There are a few times where it might indicate a systemic condition (for example acid reflux). If you have visited your dentist and the mouth is a healthy place, you might want to go to your doctor.

Hope this helps,

Jossi Stokes, DDS
Make sure you are flossing every night in addition to brushing. Food likes to lodge itself in between teeth even if you do brush and can cause gingivitis and bad breath.
Brushing only the teeth does not prevent bad breath. Make sure you clean your tongue, too. Also, some medications or GI complications could cause bad breath.