Medical Management Questions Jock Itch

What medication helps with jock itch?

I have jock itch on the skin on top of my genitals. Are there any powders, creams, or meds that can help relieve it?

3 Answers

Medications such as Lotrimin Ultra (butenafine), Lotrimin AF (clotrimazole), Lamisil (terbinafine) are all good anti-fungal options for mild tinea cruris/jock itch. You should use twice daily and two weeks beyond resolution of the rash. If it is recurrent, then you should probably use once weekly to keep it from returning. Keeping the area dry or using powders once the rash is gone might also be helpful. If it doesn't improve, chances are it is not fungal and I would suggest you see a board certified dermatologist in your area for evaluation and treatment.
If nothing in the pharmacy works, you will need to SEE a doctor.
Yes, there is medication but depends of the type of the skin lesions you need to see your primary doctor or a dermatologist