Dental Hygienist Questions Dry Mouth

What should I do for dry mouth?

My mouth has been getting dry so often lately, and it's causing a lot of discomfort. Is there anything that I can do at home for it?

4 Answers

Are you taking medication? If yes then side effect can be dry mouth. If not taking any, you should see your dentist for evaluation if your salivary glands are functional
Most dry mouth conditions arise from medications that you take. Talk with your physician about this issue. There are products you can use that may help alleviate symptoms, such as Biotene.
If this is a recent thing, it may be a side effect of a prescribed medication. If it is bothersome, I would discuss this side effect with your prescribing MD for adjustment as necessary. As far as treating the dry mouth without this there are several options. Biotene is a good mouthrinse that when used helps with dry mouth. There is a spray that can be carried around and easily used called All Day Dry Mouth Spray. An additional option is Act Dry Mouth Lozenges. I have had good results with all of these options. If this is severe dry mouth it can be treated with prescription medication, however, this is not recommended.
There are different reasons for dry mouth. Are you taking any medications? Do you have any underlying medical issues (diabetes)?
Treatments can range from the use of sucking candies or lozenges, rinses (Biotene), special toothpastes, or even medications.