Internist Questions Jaundice

What supplements should I have to recover from jaundice?

I was suffering from jaundice because of my hepatitis, but it has been treated and now I'm trying to recover. Are there any supplements I can use to help me?

1 Answer

When your liver has been injured, the proper response is to allow the organ to rest instead of making it work harder. The liver has a difficult job when it has to metabolize foreign substances. My advice would be to avoid all supplements that are not specifically prescribed for you, because many of them can damage the recovering liver cells. Avoid all alcohol, avoid all tylenol, avoid all dietary supplements, especially those used for weight loss, body building, immune support, depression, and sexual health. The incidence of liver failure has been rising lately due to people randomly taking supplements. Liver damage is the number one reason that prescription drugs get pulled from the market, but supplements do not share the same sort of oversight. I would suggest eating healthy whole grains, and a variety of fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed, high sugar, high fat foods. You can continue to have your coffee because studies show that a cup of joe is good for your liver. Eat lean proteins and avoid greasy and fried items. Take any vitamins suggested by your doctor but avoid the rest. Get well soon!