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What types of problems can dental x-rays identify?

I am a 34 year old male and my dentist suggested I have an x-ray taken. What types of problems can dental x-rays identify?

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Impacted teeth and tumors.
it shows the bone and the tooth.
X-rays are an important tool to identify all kinds of issues we cannot see (infections, impacted teeth, tumors or growths, or missing or additional teeth). Digital X-rays deliver 10% of the radiation of the old type and much safer for patients.
Hello, x-rays can help identify cavities, infections, bone loss, pathologies and more. They are very useful. Thank you for your question.
X-rays can detect decay and gum problems are two major categories.
-Decayed teeth, especially in between teeth
-Gum diseases
-Bone loss

Those are found in routine X-rays.
Dental X-rays can detect cavities, periodontal disease, TMJ problems, malignant and benign tumors, et al. 
Tumor and infection.
Dental X-rays can identify the following: gum disease, cavities, benign and malignant tumors or lesions of the jaw, and anomalies that can exist in the oral cavity.