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What will be discussed at my periodontal follow up?

I have to get a follow-up for a small surgery on my gums, where they took tissue from the roof of my mouth. Everything looks and feels fine, so what's the point of going back?

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You should go back to the dentist to ensure that healing is taking place properly. Although you may feel fine and not see any issues the dental professional will be able to assure proper healing.
The periodontist will want to make sure you are healing properly and according to how the surgery was performed. In addition, they will want to monitor the periodontium health and if any improvements have been made. Additionally, it can be to remove any stitches.
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To make sure the graft is healing properly and both areas are being covered.
Follow up appointments after surgery are very important for the Dentist performing the procedure to ensure that everything is healing properly. Although you may feel fine, there may be complications in the way things are healing that you may not know about. So, unless you are a dentist yourself, it is highly recommended that you show up for your follow-up appointment.
Post-treatment follow-up is very important. Why? There are many aspects we check while doing a follow-up. Only one question: “How does it feel?” There are many areas regarding the healing that should be checked. If it was not important to do a follow-up, why would your doctor schedule one?
While you are probably correct that the procedure was a success the doctor will be the best person to determine that.  Usually follow up visits like this are included in the surgical fee.
Even though things may look and feel okay, the follow-up visit is necessary for the doctor to verify that that is in fact the case.

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The follow-up visit is to check healing. The surgeon needs to be sure all is healing properly because if not, it's much easier to fix sooner rather than later. Also, it's a good time to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Griffin Cole, DDS NMD
A follow-up usually is needed to make sure the gum surgery is healing properly without any signs of infection and is a success. It usually only takes a few minutes.
Not all surgeries are 100% successful. The doctor wants to see the result. The doctor will also tell you the perio disease is like high blood pressure. It is something you control long-term, not have a procedure done and you are cured. Many people don't understand or grasp that it is something that needs to be managed the rest of your life.