Anesthesiologist Questions Peripheral Nerve Disorders

What treatment should I get for nerve root compression?

I have been suffering from nerve root compression for the last 3 months and it is now getting more difficult to manage the pain. Is there any form of treatment that I can get for this condition?

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You need to talk to your PCP or surgeon

Nerve toot compression results from the nerve root being compresssed between the components of the spinal column. This can cause irritation, inflammation and swelling of the nerve root. The treatment options vary from conservative anti-inflammatory and pain medications, to injections and if severe then surgery to release the nerve root. The treatment options depend on the severity and extent of nerve root compression.

Dr Ketch
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As long as you have no bowel or bladder problems or drop foot, I would suggest seeing a physiotherapist for evaluation.   
Yes, you can visit pain doctor and get epidural shots in your back.
You need an MRI and a visit to an Interventional Pain doctor or a spine surgeon. There are oral medications, physical therapy and targeted injections that may help you, depending on the cause of your pain. Surgery is usually a last resort, but may be necessary if more conservative measures do not help to reduce the pain and increase function.

Paul Hubbell
Is the diagnosis of nerve root compression made by MRI or is this a clinical impression....frequently a short course of corticosteroids can relieve the discomfort of nerve root compression if it is not a surgical issue.
Need more specifics about your issue. Where is the pain, how did it first occur, etc. have you seen anybody yet regarding your pain issue?
I would recommend that you contact a NeuroSurgeon ASAP.
I suggest that you get an MRI of the portion of your spine that is affected, then consult a neurosurgeon with the MRI scan. A neurosurgeon is the best person to evaluate your condition and make a recommendation for treatment.
Treatment options of nerve root compression depends on the cause and the severity. Most small disc bulges burnout and resolve spontaneously with time or with some physical therapy, sometimes injections help. On the other hand, significant mechanical compression of the nerve root, especially when it involves elements other than a disc bulge like thickened ligament, bone spurs, spine bones malalignment may never get better without surgical decompression.

The standard of care for most nerve root compressions without alarming neurological deficits like marked weakness of major muscle groups, balance difficulties, or changes in bowel or bladder habits is to start with physical therapy or chiropractic care along with some anti-inflammatory medications, weight loss, back and core muscle strengthening, smoking cessation and sometimes work/lifestyle modifications as a first line. If things don’t improve, then consider injections. If things still don’t improve, then surgical consultation is necessary.
If there is definitive nerve compression which can only be diagnosed with imaging you can see a pain management specialist who after thorough evaluation will decide if intervention is warranted and may perform a procedure such as injection to relieve pain. If compression is severe with confounding findings surgery may be an option
Would need more information such as where the nerve root compression is occurring and what is the presumed cause of the compression. After knowing this we should be able to advise you better. Thank you
You can try Nsaids like motrin, toradol if you are not allergic to asa. Also epidural steroid injections or root block could help you. Good luck