Anesthesiologist Questions Hospice Care

When are sedatives used in hospice care?

My uncle is in hospice, and he's in his late 70's. But I'm not sure why he's in there, just that he's in bad shape. My aunt said that he's being sedated at the end of the week and is pretty upset. My question is, when is it determined that sedatives are going to be used in hospice?

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Usually, anesthesiologists are not involved in hospice care decisions. The doctor is usually an internist or fellowship trained in hospice and palliative care. Usually, sedatives are not prescribed unless they have pain or anxiety issues. Unfortunately, they think that being comfortable is best they can offer and if they don’t sedate patient will feel miserable with the illness, but it can be discussed with care team in a meeting that what your goals are and what you want for him.
I hope that helps a little. May God help him and keep him in peace.