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Where is local anesthesia injected?

I am a 32 year old male. I will have a back procedure under local anesthesia. Where is local anesthesia injected?

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Higher than the surgical site.
Local anesthesia is injected by the surgeon. You should discuss this with him.
Right where they will put the procedural needle in.
Most likely, subcutaneously locally under the skin where the incision will be.
Since we do not know the exact back procedure you would be undergoing, it is difficult to tell you where the local anesthetic would be injected. At least some local anesthetic would be injected on your skin to numb the skin before a needle is introduced deeper into the back or a knife to make an incision to facilitate the procedure.
It would be injected in the skin and tissues beneath the skin in the area of your procedure. Some providers my use “freezy spray”, usually ethyl chloride, to partially numb the skin as well.

From Christopher Creighton
The local anesthetic is usually injected at the site of the procedure with a small needle to numb the skin and the tissues underneath.
Local anesthesia is injected inthe "location" where numbness is needed. It can also be injected along the course of nerves which serve the "location" which needs to be numbed.