Proctologist Questions Urologist

Why am I having these male performance issues?

I am a 70 year old man and was diagnosed with prostate cancer about eight years ago, we are in a watch and wait stage. I do have a Dr. for that, but I am concerned about something.

I have been married for many years, but our sex life is almost nil. I have trouble getting erections, and I need to get help for that. But today I am asking about something else. Every night now for over a month, I leak what appears to be semen. It's yellow but doesn't smell so I assume it's not urine.

Sometimes just a little bit, sometimes its a lot all over the front of my shorts. I need to get an idea of what is causing this. I read where too much masturbation can cause this, but with my trouble with erections, that's not the case.

Male | 70 years old
Complaint duration: 30 days
Medications: Just anti anxiety
Conditions: Prostate cancer

2 Answers

Check with your Dr. He knows more about your condition and can help.
The erectile dysfunction is a common complaint among men where 1/4 men in the US have ED over the age of 50. I would see your local Urologist and get a workup with a penile ultrasound with injection to see what the cause of your ED is so that you can have a proper solution. I would work up the leakage of fluid with a camera look into the bladder and evaluate the size of the prostate. You might be having issues with urine drainage from an enlarged prostate.