Dentist Questions Gum Disease

Why are my gums swollen?

I am feeling a dull pain and a swelling in my gums. The pain is only when the gums are touched and when I brush/floss. What could the reason for this be?

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If it is generalized this is common for a sever form of gingivitis or periodontitis. If it is localized this could be due to an infection in the area. Without photos or clinical exam it is hard to say. I would recommend to visit a dentist for examination.
A dentist visit is needed; it could be gingivitis.
May need cleaning.
If this is a general problem all over your mouth, it is most likely related to periodontal issues. Any pain and/or swelling should always be checked by a dentist as these issues could get substantially worse to the point of infection and even tooth loss.
Potentially a periodontal abscess (infection) setting in. See a dentist for evaluation. Have you been diagnosed with periodontal disease previously?
You may need to visit your dentist as it sounds like you have tartar or something caught down in the gum and you may be on your way to having a gum abscess. Having an exam and X-rays to evaluate this will be best. You may need to have a cleaning or a deep cleaning to take care of this if it is related to the gums. You can also have a tooth infection. Visit a dentist soon before it becomes a full swelling.
It sounds like you have some type of infection-either gum or tooth nerve. If it is closer to the tooth and there is no tooth sensitivity to hot, cold or chewing it is probably gum. If it is down by the tooth root, it probably needs a root canal. Your dentist should evaluate it with an X-ray and other tests.
Many possibilities. You need to be examined by a dentist.

Michael M. Blicher, DDS
It sounds like gingivitis or periodontitis. Which is an inflammation of the gums due to plaque and calculus build up. It could also be a minor infection. You should visit your dentist for an exam and X-rays to identify the problem. Periodontitis can be treated and managed if caught early enough.

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There could be multiple reasons for swollen gums ranging from localized trauma to gum or tooth infection. It’s best that you contact a dental professional to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment for the specific cause.

Dr. K
Hi there. Unfortunately, it seems like you are dealing with periodontitis, also known as GUM DISEASE. The only way to treat this is with deep cleaning, followed by flossing properly every night before bed time. I find sonic toothbrushes highly beneficial as well.

The problem of swollen gums is very common these days. Most of the people don’t take it seriously to practice proper dental hygiene. This results in the formation of bacteria in the mouth and plaque on the teeth.

Other reasons for swollen gums include the change of the oral care products and deficiency of nutritional elements in your diet. All these can be managed well and guided rightly by taking proper dental care through one of the best dentists in Katy.
There are many factors contributing to swelling and bleeding of the gums. You definitely need to be seen by dental professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.
There are number of conditions that lurk in that category and it is impossible to give you that simple answer your best bet is to see your local dentist for diagnosis and discussion of your condition
The swelling and tenderness may be a symptom of an infection of the gum or tooth or both. Should see your dentist ASAP.
You may have a gum infection. Try rinsing with salt water twice daily for a few days to see if it clears up. You may need a professional cleaning to get rid of the irritant that caused the infection in the first place.
Swelling and pain of the gums usually indicates an infection. This can be from the bacteria in the gum tissue, only a periodontal abscess or it can be from an infection from a dead tooth, an endodontic abscess. In either case, an exam by a dental professional is indicated for diagnosis and recommended treatment.

Dr. Grimm
Sounds like you could have a serious case of gingivitis or periodontitis. You need to see your dentist for an evaluation.
Hi there! This sounds pretty serious, Swelling is associated with either infection or inflammation (or both!) The best way to proceed would be to see your dentist as soon as possible for an examination and diagnosis of the swelling. Treatment required may be as simple as a deep clean of the area to remove the source of the infection (sometimes its just a popcorn kernel!). More invasive treatments may be required to resolve an infected tooth - this may involve root canal treatment or extraction of the infected tooth.
Hope it works out mate, wishing you a speedy recovery
Dr Rick
The skin depend on the age of the patient and how long it's been since you seen a dentist for a dental examination. This will include probing around the teeth and measuring of the pocket depth and a determination of how much plaque and calculus you have which lead to swelling and sometimes noticing bleeding on brushing. The fact that you're having marked pain to the touch is not a normal situation and there must be some degree of infection present. It may take several visits including scaling of the roots and possibly extensive oral hygiene instruction including flossing and return visits to the dentist check your progress. Eventually the consistency of your gum tissue will improve and become Pinker and therefore healthier and then you will be put on at 2 per year recall schedule as normally recommended. In some extreme cases of neglect surgery is recommended to decrease pocket depth in order that the bristles of your brush and your floss will stimulate the areas around the necks of the teeth and promote good dental health. For this a periodontist may be consulted.