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Why are my son's allergies worse in the spring?

My son is 10 years old and his allergies are out of control in the spring. Why is his allergy so severe? We usually treat it with Benadryl, but I feel like we shouldn't use it too much.

3 Answers

Because of increase in pollen in the air

Usually allergies are worse in the spring from pollen. Allegra and Zyrtec work better and do not cause drowsiness. Nadine spray is good for nasal symptoms. You can try them. Hope he feels better!


Hariram Ganesh
There are usually inhaled pollen in the Spring that a lot of children are allergic to. If he needs daily therapy consider steroid nose spray and daily claritin or zyrtec which would not be sedating and last all day. He could be allergy tested if symptoms persists