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Why are teeth whiteners so expensive?

I am a 28 year old male and I want to start using teeth whiteners. Why are teeth whiteners so expensive?

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There are several systems for whitening teeth: Over-the-counter whitening strips; in-office bleaching units, an all at once procedure; trays to hold bleaching solution that are worn in the mouth daily for an extended period of time, depending how white you want to go. The fee for each is dependent upon the time and technique. Ask your dentist what is best for you.
The expense depends on the quality and effectiveness of the product. Most professional whitening products that you purchase with a dentist can last up to a year and give better results than over the counter products.
Use Crest White Strips. They are not expensive
Simply to make lots of money they just use peroxide or carbamide peroxide which are both inexpensive and it doesn’t cost the manufacturer much to make these

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The ones that work the best have to be FDA approved. Be careful of online cheap imitations, they can harm your enamel. Usually, there's reason something is more expensive and teeth whiteners are no exceptions. The safest and most effective are available through your dentist.
Bleaching is very safe as long as you do not have open fractures of cavities in your teeth. Office bleaching is expensive because it takes a lot of time and monitoring of the patient. However, over the counter bleaching is much more affordable and can give you a good result if used consistently.