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Why choose Invisalign over braces?

I am an 18 year old female who is considering choosing Invisalign over braces. Will the results be different if I choose Invisalign?

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Clear aligners are more preferable for young adults as they are more esthetic than the traditional bonded braces. They may move a little slower and they are worn 24/7 but he results can be very satisfying for the wearer.
Invisalign is slower than braces and works well more minor corrections and crowding. It is much more comfortable to wear, is not visible on your teeth, and is easier to clean your teeth. Braces are faster, getting better results, and are very obvious on your teeth.
If your back teeth are in a good position and you just need to straighten out the front then invisalign is a good option. If you need to correct your bite I would definitely get braces. You are only 18 and a good occlusion (bite) is so important and will benefit you for the next 80 years.
Any corrective therapy will achieve alignment of the teeth, but both options have their pros and cons. Invisalign is considered clear aligner therapy and provides the esthetic appeal, ability to floss easily, and can be faster treatment than traditional braces. Talk to a dentist to see what options are best for you.