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Why do I have teeth shifting even with bonded retainers?

Hello. Is it ok to have two bonded retainers placed on the upper four teeth? Two of my teeth are forming a gap, as in one of them tilts slightly to the side, creating a gap at the gums. I think it’s because of the bonded retainers as when I take off my removable ones in the morning, the gap is smaller and less tilted. At night, the gap is larger. Should I have them removed? I have only had them placed in for two weeks.

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Please consult with your orthodontist to determine the cause of this issue.

Thank you for your question.
Your retainers are not good.
Most probably your bite is causing the separation. Visit your dentist that placed the bonded retainer.

Nature does not understand oral esthetics. It only understands function. Your teeth naturally move to where forces are in balance. A dentist can move teeth out of the position of balance but nature will tend to move them back. Retainers attempt to sustain this position of imbalance but in your case the natural forces are greater than the forces generated by the bonded retainers. Hope this makes sense.