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Why do I have lower back pains?

I've been having bad back pain and it is very painful to sit straight. Could this possibly be due to my posture? What could cause this pain?

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There are many possibilities, but poor posture is a very common cause of that. You should get evaluated by your chiropractor to figure out why that’s happening and correct it.
ICD-10 has 68,000 diagnoses. A significant percentage can cause back pain. See a chiropractor and get a diagnosis.
Most back pain can be originating from either the muscle, facet joint or disc or a combination of all. Poor posture can have an adverse effect on all 3 elements. An examination with a physician such as a Chiropractor or an Orthopedic doctor should be able to determine the cause of pain and the physician should be able to give you advice on how to properly treat the
cause once an accurate diagnosis is made. In the meantime, try stretching and strengthening the core muscles.
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Yes, your back pain could very well be caused by your posture. Or the pain may be due to some other cause and is aggravated by your posture. Call to schedule an appointment and examination today!
Poor posture is often caused by spinal misalignments. See a chiropractor.
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Pain and discomfort is very common with simple tasks such as sitting and standing when you have poor posture. What you are experiencing could be related to misalignment's in the spine that are causing inflammation in the nerves. Over time, our posture becomes affected due to those misalignment's in the spine. Meeting with a CBP Chiropractor will help you get answers, including X-rays, to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms.

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Yes, your posture plays a significant role in spinal health and pain caused from your spine and muscles attaching to the spine. My advice is to consult your local Chiropractor for an examination to identify your specific cause for pain.
Sorry to hear you are having this problem. Pain in the low back can be caused by damage to different tissues like muscle, ligaments, and tendons. This can be caused strictly by over exertion like lifting something too heavy or twisting in a weird way. It can also be caused by a bone in your spine moving out of position and stressing out those soft tissues. To determine what the real cause is requires actually evaluating you in person and possibly getting some X-rays taken. Start by applying ice to the painful area for periods of up to 20 minutes. YouTube has some excellent videos on low back stretching routines.

Jeff Gilbert, DC
The most common cause of this type of complaint is a disc issue. You should see a reputable specialist ASAP

Yes, poor posture and/or improper ergonomics are common causes of low back pain. Even if they don't "cause" low back pain, they often contribute to it. Since it hurts to sit up straight, this could be a "facet joint" issue and/or possible disc irritation. I would recommend visiting a chiropractor for an appointment.