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Why do my dentures hurt when I bite down?

I am a 62 year old male. My dentures hurt when I bite down. What could be the cause?

4 Answers

Your gum will be hurting when you bite because the denture is not fitting properly. After a while, your gums shrink and a new denture will ride up on the gum that has not shrunk. For new dentures, some gum will be hard and some soft so pressure on the dentures during chewing is not evenly distributed and this leads to pressure spots that require adjustment.
It means there is a pressure spot and needs to be adjusted. Usually this is a very easy adjustment.

Your dentures may hurt while biting for a number of reasons. They may need adjusting to relieve discomfort, or if you have had them for many years, they may not fit as well and may need a relining to tighten them up. Once they fit better they should not hurt while biting. You need to see a dentist that works with dentures. Not all dentists do denture work.

Francis C. Mecadon, DMD
Thanks for your question. It sounds like an adjustment is needed. If the dentures are new, it may take several adjustments to get your bite just right. If the dentures are older, there may be other reasons. The simple solution is to have your dentist do an examination to determine the cause and provide a solution.

Dana Truesdale, DDS